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 Action Protest in the Toronto Sun, April 15, 2021.   read more

ODTA Action Protest in the news, April 15, 2021.   read more

Action Protest on blogTO, April 15, 2021.   read more

 ODTA in on 680News, April 15, 2021.   read more

 ODTA in the news, April 14, 2021.   read more

ODTA on OMNI television April 13, 2021.   read more

The Star, “Dump truck protest in Oakville snarls traffic along the QEW” April 13, 2021.   read more

ODTA in the news April 12, 2021.   read more

ODTA in the news Inside Halton April 12, 2021.   read more

ODTA in the news March 22, 2021.   read more

ODTA letter to Doug Ford March 18, 2021.   read more

ODTA website launch in the Weekly Voice March 16, 2021.   read more

 ODTA in the Weekly Voice, March 15, 2021.   read more

ODTA in the March 12, 2021 .   read more

ODTA in the PunJab Star Ontario .   read more

ODTA in the South Asian Daily March 12, 2021.   read more

Punjabi – Del Duca Supports Dump Truck Industry.   read more

ODTA in the Asia Metro. March 11, 2021 .   read more

Ontario Liberal Leader speaks out in support of ODTA .   read more

DOTA in the Toronto Start. March 9th, 2021  read more

Ontario Liberal Leader speaks out in support of ODTA .   read more

March 8th, The Canadian Parvasi, website launch read more

ODTA in Today’ Trucking January 21, 2021 read more

Don’ launch in Asia Metro News Magazine  read more

January 18th article on by Tamara Shephard read more

Article in the Peel Weekly News on January 7, 2021 read more

ODTA in December 30th, 2020. read more

Dump Truck Driver Protest in BlogTO, December 30, 2020. read more

January 5th article on The Canadian Parvasi read more

Dump Truck convoy in the Newmarket Today,  December, 2020 read more

Punjabi Star article read more

ODTA in the Windsor Star, December 28, 2020. read more

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